My top 3 fashion bloggers

Now, in this new era of online fashion frenzy, almost every girl who can match a pair of jeans and a shirt and head to Walmart, wants to be called a fashion blogger. Fashion blogging is more than a selfie with a good filter or “look at my new crop top! I finally got the money to get my dd’s done.

Why do I follow what I follow, because I dig different, edgy yet still simple, girls who indeed are very pretty but keep their style and their heads on the ground. I want to relate to you, I am not a Kim K follower type, I refuse to live my life through you. Your photos to Paris, your stays at the Ritz for fashion week… very nice, yet I find myself somewhere in Chicago or San Diego dreaming at my boring office job to be you? Nay!

Which takes me to these three ladies, who are doing a phenomenal job. keeping me entertain and confident. I find myself collecting ideas for my next outfits, learning where to get those awesome rips, or maybe how to rock that romper I always thought would make me look like a taco shell.



She is just so adorbs! I think 2253 followers on Insta just doesn’t do it for me, Jamie Lee is just one of the coolest, be yourself bloggers out there. It’s like having a BFF somewhere in US and to know she is just an ipad away. I like her casual, urban style, how she shares the simplest things in life in an adorable top.Her posts are not about rubbing in your face how pretty she is, I feel is about staying true to yourself in style, being a wife, mom and blogger and look absolutely fabulous every time. check out all the looks she posted this holiday season on instagram and follow the link to her blog.

FullSizeRender (4)


Drums again…


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If you are anything like me, this is the kind of fashion blogs you follow, women who are beautiful and were gifted with a sense of logical style and fashion. You don’t want to follow someone you’ll never be, you want to follow someone who will make beautiful, who you already are. You need ideas that are achievable, outfits that you can find in your own closet, tips that will apply to you! and I feel this is what Rita is all about.

Hair and Skin care, styles for every season, what to wear, what not to, and I do not know who takes her pictures but they are stunning! I would definitely follow her on Insta, Facebook and on her blog, no wasted time here.

Drums and Trumpets here please!


Now, I don’t always follow self made “branded” bloggers but when I do it’s usually because they are too awesome to resist.

Let me start by blaming Shalice for introducing me to the #AEOSTYLE movement,  since I am not a believer in the commercial spirit of Christmas, here I am, few pairs in hand, ready to welcome some rips into my life, standing in the store cash register line 20 minutes later. I got to say they don’t look as good as in the picture. Got them anyways. FullSizeRender (9)

Bloggers who sell me things are usually not my cup of tea, but for this blogger I would have a few cups.

Her style is edgy, risky, interesting, leaves you thinking for hours how to get that look! she makes the simplest thing into the matrix movie of fashion.

It’s true, I have unfollowed all bloggers who I think need a burger more than blogging, but @shalicenoel is so worth it! She is a classic. At her blog you can shop, get tips, gift guides, I mean it’s like going to fashion land online, like Disney for strange ladies like me who don’t like Disney. I’m telling ya, if you visit her once you won’t stop going back.

Kudos to all these Fashion Blogging ladies who fill my office hours with looks to think about, can’t think of anything better.

And that is it… I went from hating fashion blogs because of their commercial purpose to letting these ladies manage part of my wardrobe. At the end, we all love fashion, we want to look good and I’m open to follow anyone who shares that passion as long as I am always true to myself and my own style.


Flyin’ Soulo





The not giving up style

  •     Here’s me, like any Regular given day. You know when you wake up feeling fabulous and you know it’s gonna be a great day? That’s always me. You spend a whole lot of time thinking what to wear, how to match those shoes, necklace or not necklace, curls or a bun on your hair, desicions-desicions… Suddenly you look at the mirror and you look perfect! Let’s do this comes to your mind! 

But then, there’s a whole new (or old) world waiting for you out there, you get in the car, turn the radio on, gas prices went up again. Traffick: “goodness, did she buy her license online???” You get to work, and that nice lady coming out of her office compliments your shoes, jackpot! You get that catwalk back on track, that cup of coffee never tasted so good, you say a little prayer and get to work. But life happens, stress happens, issues start building up, those curls are not holding up as much as you thought they would.

This is me on a daily basis, that feeling of the giving up style takes over, I get tired and tons of papers start looking like tickets to a nice beach in hawaii, tiredness takes over my own fashion sense and I find myself home, watching judge Judy, with that ah-mazing push up bra off and sushi becomes Olive Garden to go.

But I try then again the next day, everyday, truly like if it was my last, always looking to carry on with my purpose and sense of style togheter, holding on to both. 

No use in having the most stylish trend on, if your soul is still  dressed up for the 80’s. 


#flyin’ Soulo

Dress Your Soul and Your Body Will Follow

So many ladies nowadays are obsessed with fashion (including me! Must admit) but how about dressing your soul before you leave the house in that fabulous black dress?…  Don’t you feel sometimes your soul should have a fashion statement? Why have you lost your individualist sense of style in that society opinion of you closet?

I call my fashion style “whatever looks great on ME”,  I love looking at the mirrow and feeling confident, I fight a constant battle between how people see me and how I see myself, usually I win. I always try, by all means, for my outfit to match my infit, I’ll be that girl at the mall enjoying a good shopping spree by herself because no reassurance of fabulousness is needed.

Like I always say: “Dress your soul and your body will follow”. So I make sure that when I dress my soul with those confidence jeans, I wear my humble pink top, is that one where you know who you are and you are loving it but your feet are still on the ground.

And what would be a great outfit without those ah-mazing nude individualist heels, your soul grows taller cuz you are you, you don’t follow what others are doing or saying, you’re too busy doing your own thing, you look at the world differently and you are killin’ it!

I see it everyday, females wearing that Prada dress and for the soul? They are going to the drift store.  You have a soul, you have a body, wear something #classy on both.


Flyin’ Soulo